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GASGAS MC50 Motorcycle 24

GASGAS MC50 Motorcycle 24

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The GASGAS MC 50 is where the fun starts for the next generation of berm bashers and MX thrill seekers. Allowing youngsters to confidently take their first rides in the dirt, it delivers aggressive design, quality parts and above all else mirrors the style and enjoyment of the entire GASGAS Motocross range. With its dependable steel chassis, WP forks and revvy little 50cc motor, it’s the perfect springboard into the awesome world of moto!   

 MOTOR  There’s a lot of tech packed into our little rev n’ go MC 50 motor. Super compact, it delivers fun-filled 2-stroke thrills by using a 3-shaft design that positions the crankshaft near the bike’s center of gravity. The result is not only better handling but a more direct intake angle to the reed valve, which boosts power. With no manual clutch or gears to worry about, youngsters can rev and ride from dawn to dusk.

 EXHAUST  Designed to maximize the smooth running and performance of our MC 50 motor, we make the exhaust using a 3-dimensional stamping process. Once shaped all parts are then robot welded to ensure high levels of quality and durability.

 CLUTCH  No manual clutch and transmission, no worries! The MC 50 is fitted with an automatic centrifugal clutch, allowing riders to focus on improving their skills while having fun. A multi-disc clutch that can be set to suit advanced rider preferences or track conditions without special tools, it delivers a precise and predictable power delivery.

 FRAME  We know youngsters like to jump, which is no problem for our high strength chromium molybdenum steel frame. Strong and dependable it’s ready for heavy landings and ensures easy handling and serious stability. Engineered to both flex and be robust it boosts overall suspension performance.

 BRAKES  Full-on performance from compact, hydraulic brake calipers and waved front and rear disks. The brakes on the MC 50 offer the same level of technology as our full-size motocross bikes, ensuring serious stopping performance. 

 WP XACT FRONT SUSPENSION  Ready to give youngsters all the support they need as they begin pushing their limits, the WP XACT forks fitted to the MC 50 allow riders to grow in confidence. Offering excellent damping, the 35mm USD forks deliver 205mm of travel and feature thin outer tube diameters that offer refined rigidity and reduced weight.

 WP XACT REAR SUSPENSION  Linked directly to the swingarm, the WP XACT monoshock features settings that work perfectly with the WP front forks. Offering 185mm of fully adjustable travel, the forks can be set-up to suit any rider and ensure a well-balanced bike with high-performance damping characteristics.

 POWER REDUCTION KIT  For those important first rides, the MC 50 can have its power reduced to 5.5hp using a kit from GASGAS Technical Accessories.

 BODYWORK AND GRAPHICS  We want younger riders to be proud of their GASGAS Motocross bike, which is why the MC 50 looks all but the same as Glenn Coldenhoff’s MXGP racer. Red from front to back, the bike is designed to look awesome and help young riders move around easily while feeling settled and comfortable. Modern, eye-catching and with plenty of red! Like all GASGAS Motocross bikes, the graphics on our little MC 50 make a big impact. Thanks to a super-durable in-mold manufacturing process the graphics look great and last. 

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